NueHair has been shown to be the most safe and most effective hairloss treatment remedy available today for people who have thinning hair and hair loss concerns such as Male or Female Pattern Baldness.

Most other other non-Drug / botanical hair loss treatment products have little to no research or studies to support their claims. NueHair has multiple clinical trials, research studies and now two reports published in established medical journals.

What that means is that NueHair  is perhaps the only non-Drug / botanical hairloss treatment remedy available today that has any valid, objective and independent - 3rd party professional review and endorsement that it really works!

Since 1995, long before most other botanical hairloss products were even around, NueHair has been successfully helping thousands and thousands of people suffering from Male and Female pattern hairloss with innovative products based on scientific research and cutting-edge technologies of product development and application.

No other hairloss treatment products compare.

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