Clarins Instant Definition Mascara - 7ml

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Instant Definition Mascara Clarins - A unique double brush:

The fibre nylon brush instantly covers eyelashes over their entire length.
The connector pins elastomer allows the makeup of the smallest lashes often difficult to catch with a traditional brush.

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara - intense and long-lasting results:

The high concentration of colour pigments used to colour intense lashes. Glycoprotein’s to sheathe one by one. The fringe of eyelashes is expanded. The place is perfect to cleansing.

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara - mascara that takes care of eyelashes:

The formula for the Instant Definition mascara is enriched with an innovative complex of active ingredients: extracts of brown and red algae rich in minerals and revitalize eyelashes. They find brilliance and force.

Instant Definition Mascara Clarins - Application:
The application of two steps:

The nylon fibre brush used to apply the mascara from root to the tip of the lashes.
The creamy texture makes it possible to modulate the volume effect.
Makeup brush elastomer smallest lashes angles inside and outside of the eye.

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